Tikka Masala:
A traditional curry dish with roasted meat {or paneer) cooked in a rich red, creamy, lightly spiced tomato — based sauce. Choose your spice level and protein.
Paneer $15.99 - Chicken $15.99 - Lamb $16.99 - Shrimp $17.99 - Fish $17.99 (Wine Pairing #90)

Portuguese influenced Goan dish. A very spicy & hot dish made from red wine vinegar, chili pepper, and stewed with garlic. A special meal in Goa {Western Indian Province}. Choice of protein.
Paneer $15.99, Chicken $15.99, Lamb $16.99, Shrimp $17.99, Fish $17.99 {Wine Pairing #2}

A traditional way of slow cooking in a shallow pan. Cooked with crushed pepper, coriander, green pepper, onions. Choose your spice level and protein.
Paneer $15.99, Chicken $15.99, Lamb $16.99, Shrimp $17.99, Fish $17.99 {Wine Pairing #12)

Cuisine of the South India {Tamil Nadu}. One of the spiciest and most aromatic Indian cuisine with significant Burmese influence. Cooked from hot & pungent, freshly ground spices.
Paneer $15.99, Chicken $15.99, Lamb $16.99, Shrimp $17.99, Fish $17.99 {Wine Pairing #19}

Cuisine belonging to South Eastern India. Cooked with coconut curry sauce, cilantro and green chilies. Choose your spice level and protein.
Paneer $15.99, Chicken $15.99, Lamb $16.99, Shrimp $17.99, Fish $17.99 {Wine Pairing #6}

Common northwestern Indian Cuisine. Made from fresh leafy spinach, cumin & coriander masala. Choose your spice level and protein.
Paneer $15.99, Chicken $15.99, Lamb $16.99, Shrimp $17.99, Fish $17.99 {Wine Pairing #4}

Butter Chicken:$15.99
Chicken, onions, bell pepper cooked in creamy tomato sauce {WP#9}

Chicken Korma:$15.99
Chicken, mustard seeds, green chilies, coconut sauce {WPC}

Scallops n Masala:$16.99
Scallops, aromatic spices. Cooked slowly to perfection {WP#20}

Lamb Rogan Josh:$16.99
Lamb chunks cooked in dry ginger & anise flavored sauce {WP#16}

Fish Masala:$16.99
Fresh fish cooked in homemade special masala with onions, bell peppers {WP#3}

Fish Shahi Konna:$17.99
Fresh fish with homemade Indian cheese in a creamy sauce, garnished with cashew (WP#4)

Kerala Fish Curry:$17.99
Salmon, coconut milk with shred of ginger & raw mangoes {WPM}

Shrimp Pappas: $17.99
Shrimp sautéed with dry red Chilies, curry leaves with coconut sauce {WP#2}

Shrimp Kabob Masala:$17.99
Grilled Jumbo Shrimps, mild spices, creamy tomato sauce {WP#12}

Shrimp Bhuna: $17.99
Tender shrimp cooked in garlic, paprika, cinnamon, doves in wine sauce (WP#6}

Lamb Chops:$17.99
cSpecify Chettinad or Vindaloo sauce {WPM}

Paneer Butter Masala: $14.99
Home made cottage cheese, cooked in buttery tomato sauce {WP#20}

Saag Paneer: $14.99
Home made cottage cheese, cooked in creamy spinach sauce {WPM

Veg. Malai Kofta: $12.99
Croquettes of mixed veggies cooked in mild sauce, raisins and nuts {WP#16}

Mutter Paneer: $12.99
Home made cheese cooked with garden peas, onion tomato sauce {WP#13}

Navaratna Korma: $12.99
Vegetables cooked in mild creamy cashew & almond sauce (WP#19)

Bagahare Baigan: $12.99
Baby eggplant coconut curry sauce, sesame seeds & roasted peanuts {WP#8}

Punjabi Ghana Masala: $12.99
Chick peas slowly cooked with diced tomatoes {WP#15}

Aloo Gobi Masala:$11.99
Cauliflower & potatoes cooked with ginger, tomatoes & herbs {WP#12}

Bindi Do Plaza: $11.99
Fresh okra, sautéed with onions, tomatoes & mild spices (WP#2)

Dal of the day:$11.99
Slowly cooked lentils, mild north Indian spices {WPC}

Coconut Bell Pepper Soup:$5.99
Coconut cream, pureed bell pepper. masala spices

Sam bar Soup:$5.99
Lentils cooked tender, madras spices, vegetables

Chicken Mulligatawny Soup:$6.99
Chicken & spicy lentil broth. madras spices

Vegetable Samosa: $5.99
Triangular pastry, potatoes & peas filling, mildly spicy

Vegetable Pakoras: $5.99
Crispy fritters of potatoes, onions, cauliflower, spinach

Mirichi Baji {spicy}:$5.99
Deep fried breaded jalapeno peppers, sweet chutney

Gobi Manchurian: $9.99
Crunchy cauliflower florets, seasoned, mild garlic, tomato sauce

Bombay Chat: $8.99
Crispy potatoes, chick peas —yogurt medley, scallions, mint chutney dressing

Chili Paneer: $9.99
Stir fried Indian farmers cheese, hot sauce, onion — bell pepper garnishing

Tandoori Chicken: $15.99
1/2 of Chicken on the bone, marinated and cooked in Tandoor oven

Chicken Malai Kabob:$15.99
Chicken marinated in yogurt & spices, cooked in Tandoor

Chicken Tikka:$16.99
Boneless Chicken chunks, marinated & cooked in Tandoor oven

Chicken Hariyali Kabob:$16.99
Chicken marinated in mint & cilantro sauce, cooked in Tandoor

Lamb Boti Kabob:$17.99
Lamb marinated in yogurt & spices, cooked in Tandoor

Tandoori Shrimp:$17.99
Shrimp marinated in yogurt garlic sauce & cooked in Tandoor

Fish Tikka:$17.99
Chunks of fresh fish marinated with garlic, lemon juice and spiced to perfection

Chili Chicken: $9.99
Chicken chunks cooked in hot & tangy soy sauce

Chicken 65:$9.99
Crispy chicken pieces, fried with rice batter, curry leaf & green chili garnishing

Bombay Calamari: $9.99
Fried spiced calamariv

Sheesh Kabob:$11.99
Minced lamb chunks, cumin-coriander seasoning, cooked in Tandoor

Fish 65: $11.99
Crispy fish pieces, fried with rice batter, curry leaf & green chili gamishing

Mixed Appetizer Platter: $15.99
Pakora, Chicken Tikka, Samosa, Lamb Kabob

Raita: $1.99
Yogurt relish, chopped tomatoes, onions, cucumbers

Mixed Vegetable:$1.99
Pickled mixed vegetables, Punjabi spices

Mango Chutney:$2.99
Minced mangoes, Achar spices, mildly spicy

Indian chips — baked {less than 25 cal}

Naan = Indian bread baked in Tandoor

Dosa = South Indian Crepe

Tandoor = Traditional Indian Clay Oven

Lassi = Yogurt based drink

Masala = Spices Dal = Lentils

Paneer = Indian farmer cheese

Sag = Spinach

Curry = A sauce made from cumin, fenugreek, coriander

Kheer = Pudding

Tadka = Spicy Garnishing {mustard, cumin, pepper, Lentils}

Baigan = Eggplant

Chat = Snack

Atoo = Potato

South Indian specialty. Thin crepes made from rice, lentils with various fillings

Masala Dosa:$9.99
Paper thin crepe made from rice & lentil. Served with chutney & sambhar

Mint Masala Dosa:$9.99
Masala dosa — brushed with cilantro—mint chutney, served with sambhar

Mysore Masala Dosa:$9.99
Masala Dosa — brushed with hot chutney, served with sambhar

Chicken Tikka Dosa:$11.99
Thin crepe with chicken tikka fillings, served with coconut chutney

Light & fluffy Indian bread baked in Tandoor

Garlic Nan:$2.99
Nan bread studded with fresh chopped garlic

Peshawari Nan:$3.99
Nan stuffed with raisins, nuts & cheese

Keema Nan: $3.99
Nan stuffed with spiced ground lamb

Paneer Kulcha:$3.99
Nan stuffed with lightly spiced homemade cheese

AIoo Paratha: $3.99
Whole wheat bread stuffed with mildly spiced potatoes

Chicken Tikka Naan:$3.99
Nan stuffed with chicken tikka

Onion Kulcha: $3.99
Nan stuffed with lightly spiced onions & cilantro

Basmati Rice:$2.99
Plain steamed basmati rice

lemon Rice:$9.99
Basmati rice cooked with south Indian tadka, roasted peanuts, lemon juice

Coconut Rice:$9.99
Basmati rice cooked with coconut, mustard seeds, dry chilies

Veg. Biriyani:$15.99
Basmati rice, ginger, onions & garlic steamed with aromatic spices

Meat Biriyani: $15.99
Biriyani with choice of chicken, lamb or shrimp

Kulfi: $3.99
{Mango or Pistachio} Indian ice cream

Carrot Pudding: $4.99
Freshly grated carrots, cooked in milk, raisins & cashews

Cream cheese desert in milk sauce, pistachio garnishing

Rice Pudding:$4.99
Traditional Indian rice pudding, nuts, raisins, cardamom

Gulab Jamoon:$4.99
Indian donuts dipped in rose flavored syrup

Chocolate & nuts filled in samosas, served with ice cream

Masala Tea: $3.50
Darjeeling tea with Indian spices and cream

Madras Coffee:$3.50
South Indian coffee with cream and sugar

Mango Lassi: $3.99
Yogurt, Mango pulp, cardamom